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Napoleon Oakdale EPI3C

The Napoleon Oakdale EPI3 Wood Inserts gives you options never before available with a traditional fireplace insert.
The EPI3 has the option of a contemporary black faceplate, or a traditional faceplate available in either black or porcelain majolica brown finish.
The choice of color and styles makes the insert ideal for matching your decor.

EPI3C with Contemporary Front, Painted Black Finish

Napoleon Oakdale EPI3C

Additional Information

Napoleon adds to their wood burning collection with the Napoleon Oakdale™EPI3 wood inserts. The EPI3T has a traditional flush front with a cast iron surround and the EPI3C has a contemporary flush front with a cast iron surround. The EPI3’s give customers the option of a wood burning insert that will match any décor, whether it be traditional or contemporary. Four stainless steel secondary air tubes supercharge the fuel burning process and generate a beautiful display of YELLOW DANCING FLAMES®. Complete with a removable painted black log retainer and a heat circulating blower, both the EPI3T & EPI3C are perfect heating solutions for your home or cottage.

  • Largest ceramic glass viewing area in the industry, 300 sq. in.
  • Full refractory lined firebox
  • Airwash system keeps the viewing glass clean
  • Safety door switch and heat activated thermal switch for reliable carefree blower performance
  • EPI3C available in painted metallic black finishes
  • EPI3T available in porcelain enamel Majolica brown and painted metallic black finishes
  • Removable painted black log retainer for easy cleaning
  • Removable one piece high density vermiculite baffle allows easy access for chimney cleaning and maintenance
  • EPA Certified 2020

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Napoleon Oakdale EPI3C