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28in Deep Built-in Kitchen Griddle in Stainless Steel w/Jacket – Propane


With 583.6 Sq. Inches of cooking space, you’ll be cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the powerful Blackstone 28” Deep Kitchen Drop-In. This unit is equipped with three independently controlled heat zones, so you can maximize your cooking space by cooking different items of food simultaneously. The new generation of Blackstone griddles maintain the easy maintenance of the original classics, thanks to our Front Access Rear Grease Management system. This system allows you to move hot grease and debris to the back of the griddle for disposal but enables you to access the grease cup from the front of the griddle. Use the included Stainless Steel Insulation Jacket to ensure your Griddle is ready to go whatever the weather.

All Dimensions

Item Length (IN) 38.5
Item Depth (IN) 27.4
Item Height (IN) 14.77
Item Weight (Lbs) 184.1
PKG Length (IN) 41.34
PKG Depth (IN) 30.32
PKG Height (IN) 18.31