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Blackstone Select 36 inch Griddle Air Fryer Combo with dual side tables and storage drawers


Embrace a new era of cooking convenience and excellence. The Blackstone Select 36” Griddle with Convection Oven is a fusion of thoughtful design and culinary power. From the high-efficiency Omnivore griddle plate to the high-powered convection oven you’ll have the power to create family favorites at every meal. The versatility of the convection oven is complemented by the intuitive touchscreen interface, giving you precise control over the 500-degree Fahrenheit range of heat. Equipped with dual extendable side tables -designed to lift and lock into place- that provide a generous 1500 sq inches of space for food preparation. Transform your outdoor kitchen into a culinary haven with the Blackstone Select 36” Griddle with Convection Oven.

All Dimensions

Item Length (IN) 72.04
Item Depth (IN) 31.22
Item Height (IN) 46.49
Item Weight (Lbs) 246.92
PKG Length (IN) 41.73
PKG Depth (IN) 27.95
PKG Height (IN) 43.31