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  • Quick and easy installation
  • Hybrid – Ambiance fire or auxiliary heating
  • Integrated convection system
  • Can be connected to the outside air
  • Accessible mechanical components
  • High heating power
  • Easy to light
  • Generates little ash
  • 21-85
  • 21-95
  • 21-105
  • 21-125

Additional Information

Rethinking the Fireplace

The Stûv 21-clad line is a turnkey fireplace. Like the Stûv 21 line, it offers an open or closed fire, high-performance heating, a sleek design, and it does not need to be fitted into a wall, nor does it require special finishing work. Thanks to their steel casing, they are as easy to install as a stove.

Beautiful & Prestigious – Combining aesthetics and functionality

Considered as a piece of furniture able to complement any decor, the Stûv 21-clad has a condensed set of practical features. Because the convection system is integrated into the steel shell, there is no need to install the ambient air inlet grids or the hot air outlet grids. Log storage on the right or left side simplifies daily wood management.

Unique Pieces – Strive for perfection

Available in single and double sided, the Stûv 21-clads are freestanding fireplaces composed of a Stûv 21 fireplace and a hand-made metal cladding. These designs are unique in North America and require factory precision assembly and a sharp finish. Each piece is carefully crafted to perfection. Therefore, the 21-clad requires several weeks of production. The result is worth the wait since the outcome is a masterpiece that sits in the heart of your home.

Rust Finish – Contemporary and authentic

The rust finish of each piece is obtained by natural oxidation in a controlled environment. This process carried out by our artisans requires several weeks of work to achieve the desired result. The Stûv 21-clad in rust finish are real works of art that inspire refinement and comfort. In addition to the rust finish the Stûv 21-clads are available in 4 other colours, StûvGrey, White RAL9010, Grey RAL9070 and StûvBlack.

Observe Frustrations and Innovate

A traditional fireplace must be built into a wall and requires additional finishing work. This installation necessity can sometimes become an obstacle to the realization of a project. Stûv has therefore developed a concept of steel shells to simplify installation, allow quick integration and enhance the fireplace. Innovation is constantly at the heart of the development of a unit and always comes from a real need to be filled.

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