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21 Double Face

  • Hybrid – Ambiance fire or auxiliary heating
  • Versatile convection system
  • Can be connected to outside air
  • Accessible mechanical components
  • High heating power
  • Easy to light
  • Generates little ash
  • 21-85 DF
  • 21-95 DF
  • 21-125 DF
21 Double Face

Additional Information

A Fireplace to Inspire New Paths

With the Stûv 21 line, there is no frame at the bottom to affect the view of the fire, whether or not the guillotine glass window is raised. Even with an open fire, you never see the door mechanisms. There is no fixed handle to break the minimalist design of the unit. The Stûv 21 line is made to highlight the decor and showcase only the fire.

Atmosphere & Performance – Combine the pleasure of fire with practical heating

With family, friends, alone, or for a romantic evening, the Stûv 21 transports you into a state of well-being. Its very large combustion chamber heats up spaces in no time. Stûv 21s are designed to blend into its decor for an authentic experience.

Hybrid in its Class

Heat according to your needs. No compromises on ambiance. By lowering the guillotine glass window, you can quickly switch from an ambiance fire to a heating system adapted to today’s builds. The heat is distributed via a versatile convection system.

Double Vision

Also available in double face, the Stûv 21 DF models feature two guillotine glass windows that can be raised or lowered on either side. Unique on the market, they are perfect for connecting two rooms.

Fire in High Definition

Only a delicate steel frame contours the combustion chamber. These clean lines allow it to integrate into all styles : rustic, classic or contemporary. Stûv 21s offer a great view of the fire: 10% frame for 90% view.

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21 Double Face