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WarmMajic II

Create a warm place to gather and relax with the Majestic WarmMajic II wood burning fireplace. WarmMajic II showcases outstanding flames providing dependable heat for your home while meeting environmental standards through clean-burning efficiency. The graceful arched top and doors add timeless appeal complimenting a variety of interiors from rustic to contemporary and traditional. Logs up to 22″ will easily fit in the spacious 2.7 cubic foot firebox.
WarmMajic II

Additional Information

  • Eco friendly EPA certified
  • High performance dual fans with adjustable speed controls distribute a constant flow of heat
  • Heat management solutions to heat your whole home
  • 68,200 BTUs—heats 1,000 to 2,600 sq. ft. depending on climate and home efficiency
  • 22″ recommended log length and 2.7 cu. ft. firebox interior capacity
  • Modern technology makes starting your fire easier and enables up to 10 hours of burn time

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WarmMajic II