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Neo 1.6 LE

The Neo 1.6 LE makes a bold statement with it’s tall profile for easy loading, line-of-sight view of the flame, and modern design. Like its larger cousin the Neo 2.5, the Neo 1.6 LE is a true heating machine with Pacific Energy’s solid steel construction, floating firebox with stainless steel baffle and high-efficiency finned heat exchanger. Choose the color that is right for your home with side panels available in a variety of porcelain enamel colors.
Neo 1.6 LE

Additional Information

  • 56,000 BTU Cord Wood
  • 23,200 BTU EPA Test Fuel
  • Efficiency (HHV) 72%
  • Emissions 1.9 gm/hr.
  • Log Size (recommended) 16″
  • Log Size (max) 17″
  • Firebox Size 1.6 cu.ft.
  • Glass Viewing Area 173
  • Weight 350 lb
  • Chimney Size 6”

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Neo 1.6 LE