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Stûv 30 Compact ONE BLACK

  • 3 operation modes
  • 360° rotation
  • Ash pan integrated into the base of the unit
  • Easy to light
  • Generates little ash
  • Can be connected to outside air
  • Low fine particle emission rate
Stûv 30 Compact ONE BLACK

Additional Information

Dare to Reinvent the Wood Stove

The Stûv 30 offers wood stove lovers a multitude of new possibilities : Open or closed fire, efficient heating, great view of the fire, heat accumulator, 360° rotation and even year-round BBQ. Outstanding due to their many features, the Stûv 30 is also appreciated for its perfect balance between pleasure and performance.

Versatility & Efficiency – Give the privilege of choosing

The Stûv 30 line has three doors for three modes of operation. This globally patented concept has revolutionized the stove and fireplace industry. The open fire mode beckons people to gather round. The closed fire mode with the glass door magnifies the fire and warms the atmosphere. The closed fire mode with the solid door, ideal at night, wraps the house in comforting warmth. The Stûv 30s can also be oriented in the desired direction. Enjoy an aperitif in front of the fire in the living room, then swivel the unit towards the dining room for dinner.

The show must go on

With its optional heat accumulator, the Stûv 30-compact H prolongs heating time. Once the fire is out, the heat continues to be released into the house for many hours.

Redefining the Fireplace

In a corner, along a wall or even in the center of a room, the Stûv 30 can easily be used in small or large rooms. Add a floor plate, a mobile log rack and you have a new fireplace area.

Revealing the Form of the Function

Many Stûv models are born of the frustration of having to choose between a high-efficiency stove and a fireplace with an open fire. The desire to make no compromises and to combine as many benefits as possible in one unit pushes our team to always think differently about the traditional shape of a fireplace. The cylindrical shape of the Stûv 30 is the result of this desire, to offer users the possibility to change the combustion mode according to their needs.

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Stûv 30 Compact ONE BLACK